What are the Different Types of Pain?

Pain can affect a person in a variety of ways and in varying strengths, which has lead to the medical community developing different classifications of pain. Even though the majority of people simply separate it by chronic and acute, there are several different types of pain that can affect your body as a result of injury, medical conditions, or even genetic inheritances. This guide will help you to understand the different types of pain that you might be experiencing.

Acute Pain

As one of the most common classifications acute pain is short and sharp. It typically won’t last for more than 6 months and it can hurt your body for as little as 1 day. In most cases, acute pain will be as a result of an injury such as a broken bone. When your injury heals, the pain should subside but without treatment, it could turn into chronic pain.

Chronic Pain

ArthritisMany people in the UK live with chronic pain and it is a burden on your physical and mental health. You can experience chronic pain in both severe and mild forms.Even after treatment you might find that chronic pain still affects your body. Depending on the cause of the chronic pain, it may be that the only way to deal with it is to control the symptoms with painkillers. Broadly speaking, the type of painkiller will depend on the severity of the pain with OTC painkillers sufficient for many conditions. Moderate to severe pain, however, will require prescription strength painkillers such as Co-codamol which combines codeine with paracetamol. Get more info here.


Nociceptive Pain

Nociceptive pain includes somatic and visceral pain. Typically you will feel discomfort in your body as a result of your pain receptors being stimulated by temperature changes and damaged cells. With somatic pain you’ll experience discomfort on your skin, joints, bones, muscles, and ligaments. You’ll find that swelling is common with somatic pain as it is typically a derivative of tissue damage. With visceral pain you’ll feel it in the main cavities in your body, particularly your organs. The pain receptors with visceral pain are stimulated through inflammation and lack of oxygen and will create a deep throbbing sensation. It’s far more difficult to localize visceral pain than somatic pain.


Neuropathic Pain

Classified as non-nociceptive pain you’ll have neuropathic pain as a result of pinched nerves within the nervous system. Typically this pain will occur either in the peripheral nervous system or the central nervous system. There are several different causes of neuropathic pain ranging from medical conditions including a stroke or multiple sclerosis. It could also be as a result of trapped nerves or nerves that have an insurmountable amount of pressure on them. Injured nerves can produce pain in varying forms ranging from hypersensitivity to touch to numbness in the limbs.


How Men Can Maintain Their Virility

virilityMuch of a man’s self-confidence comes from his ability to perform sexually, which is a skill that can slowly diminish with old age. However, aging is no reason to have to sacrifice your virility and ability to become aroused. With a few simple changes to your lifestyle, you can take control of your sexual health.


Get Enough Sleep


A rested body is a healthy body, meaning that your sexual health is greatly impacted by the amount of sleep your typically get. When you sleep, your body and brain take the time to heal the body after a long day, and that healing includes the penis. During the night, your brain goes through multiple sleep cycles, including REM sleep. Before and after the REM cycle, you may experience erections in your sleep, which is often due to an increase in adrenaline. However, during the REM cycle is when blood vessels expand with a new influx of oxygen, helping to increase your body’s circulation, which is essential to achieving an erection.




Getting regular exercise also impacts your circulation and sexual health. Someone who has a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet is usually overweight, which can put unnecessary strain on your body, making it more difficult to achieve an erection. By engaging in regular exercise, you actually improve your virility in two ways. First of all, you start losing weight, which puts less stress on your body and sexual organs. Secondly, exercise helps keep your heart healthy, promoting better circulation, similar to the way that sleep improves your circulation. With a healthy heart and a fit figure, you are able to achieve an erection with ease.


Try Hormone Replacement Therapy


If you are still unable to improve your sexual function and virility by changing your lifestyle, you may need to enlist the help of your doctor and explain the problem. Make sure to tell your doctor about any medications you are taking that could negatively impact your erection. With just a few small changes in your everyday life, you can maintain the same virility for years to come.



Comparing Effectiveness Of Gym And Home Workouts

workoutsKeeping your body is good physical condition is essential to a healthy life, helping to lose weight and put less stress on your heart, joints, and brain, all of which are affected by your percentage of body fat. You may be considering adding workout equipment to your home to make the journey to a healthy life a little easier. While the effectiveness of each workout is equivalent, there are many benefits to working out in either location.


Home Gym


A home gym has many perks, including the availability and privacy to work out at any time of day in any state. When you purchase dumbbells or an elliptical machine, you are investing in your physical exercise, with the assumption you will get your money’s worth while working out at home. If you are in the beginning stages of improving your body, you may be self-conscious around other men who have been working out for months and years longer than you have, but you have the luxury of privacy when you work out at home. Additionally, a home gym doesn’t have daily hours of operation like a gym does. Since it is available during any time of day, you can work out with a regular regimen in the middle of the night or throughout the day, depending on your work schedule and social engagements.




Many men prefer to work out in a gym, because of the amount of machines and variety of weights available to them, usually only requiring a small monthly fee for access. Choosing to workout at your local gym is a smaller financial investment each month, but the commitment to paying membership fees is one factor that drives men to continually attend. Additionally, a standalone gym gives you accountability to the trainers and staff there, which makes is easier to stay on track. Trainers are available throughout the hours of operation, allowing you to ask questions if you want to try a new machine or a new workout. A gym away from home gives you the ability and resources to try more exercises.


It’s All About Your Drive


When you are trying to determine which type of workout is best for your body, the decision should be entirely based on which location will bring you the most motivation. Some men prefer to wake up and get to their home workout first thing in the morning, so a home workout is effective for their needs. Other men are more likely to get up and work out if they are responsible for membership fees at their local gym. Either way, the effectiveness of your workout will depend on what you put into the workout, not the location of the gym.


The Best Way To End A Relationship

relationshipChoosing to end a relationship can be a difficult choice. You have spent time with this other person, investing in your future as a couple. Regardless of the circumstances, it is better to end your relationship, if you don’t feel that it is going anywhere, or if circumstances keep you from being together. Unless you two have a mutual breakup, you may have to be the one to make the choice, but there are a few ways to make the news a little easier to hear.


Have the Conversation in Private


While you may want to break up in a public place to avoid a scene, you should instead break up in a private place. This will allow your former partner to express their feelings without restriction. By choosing a private time, you are showing the other person respect, which will maximize the possibility of having a peaceful breakup. The other person may still be mad at you, but she will later appreciate that you chose not to embarrass her further, since it is likely she will be embarrassed already from being dumped.


Tell Your Partner the News in Person


After spending weeks, months, or years with your significant other, you owe that person the respect and decency to break up in person. When you call or phone the other person, the meaning behind your words may be lost, without the ability to see the expression in person. You want to make sure there is no confusion when ending a relationship, so dealing with the issues in person helps you to gauge their understanding of the change that is happening.


Have a Plan


If you are breaking up with someone with whom you share children, finances, or a home, you need to spend some time devising a plan that dictates how your commitments together will be handled going forward. Most likely, this is a discussion you should have together, but the shock of the news may make it difficult to discuss initially. Having a plan in place helps the transition to be smooth, as you figure out a long-term plan for important issues.


Be Clear


No matter what you say to your previous significant other, you need to be clear to avoid any kind of confusion. Being too nice could result in the other person not understanding that the breakup took place, whereas choosing to be mean would damage any friendship in the future. Understand that the culmination of a relationship may be a surprise to your partner, if he or she was in denial about the issues you were facing. Taking the right precautions to be sensitive to the other person’s emotions, giving you a greater likelihood of friendship, after the tension wears off from the breakup.




The Best Diets For Men’s Cardio Health

Keeping your heart healthy is essential to a long and healthy life, but that involves some attention to the food you put in your body. Potato chips, soda, and candy are not the keys to keeping your waistline or arteries in good condition, so you may need to put a little thought into your meals. Luckily, there are many diets available that help improve your cardio health.


The Ornish Diet


The Ornish Diet focuses on a variety of needs, allowing the individual to tailor it to losing weight, preventing or reversing diabetes and heart disease, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, and preventing and treating prostate cancer. Dean Ornish wrote his book, The Spectrum, in 2007, organizing all foods into ratings, with healthy foods in group 1 and least healthy foods in group 5. Most of your success relies on making the right choices, like whole-wheat toast instead of a biscuit for breakfast. The most popular program is to reverse heart disease, limiting saturated and processed fats.


The TLC Diet


Created by National Institutes of Health’s National Cholesterol Education Program, the TLC diet aims to lower cholesterol by 8 to 10 percent in six weeks. More specifically, the diet significantly reduces the amount of saturated fat you consume, as well as fatty dairy products. The diet is completely safe, but you should only use this diet if you are a sufficient self-starter that doesn’t need a third party to motivate you.




The DASH diet helps your heart by lowering your blood pressure, through limiting the amount of salt intake. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) produces many pamphlets on this diet, which are downloadable online. The goal of the diet is to limit your daily sodium to under 1,500mg, recommending that someone with a 2,000-calorie limit has 6-8 servings of grains; 4-5 each of veggies and fruit; 2-3 of fat-free or low-fat dairy; 6 or fewer of lean meat, poultry and fish, with one serving being equivalent to an ounce; 4-5 (a week) of nuts, seeds and legumes; 2-3 of fats and oils; and 5 or fewer (a week) of sugary treats.


Finding the Right Plan for You


To select an effective program, you need to determine the level of commitment you have to keeping your heart healthy. A diet is only as successful as the dieter, so make sure you find a diet that has long-term sustainability, rather than a crash diet that will only impact your heart poorly. Once you find the right diet for you, spend time building up your exercise regimen for full-body cardio health.


Should Men Try Spinning Classes To Keep Fit?

spinning classesWhen men think of a spinning class, the first thing most of them will think is that the class is just for women. At any gym, you usually see every stationary bike taken by the woman, with the instructor as the only exception at times. You want to be able to build muscle by lifting weights and training on machines. However, cardio is another important part of maintaining a healthy body. Spinning classes are no longer a “women only” area, offering many benefits to both genders.


Cardiovascular Health


Keeping your heart healthy is essential to living a long life. However, maintaining a balanced diet isn’t the only way to stay healthy. A spinning class helps you engage in anaerobic exercise, working a variety of muscles as you get your heart pumping. A spin class helps with your endurance is well, building up your capacity to keep going for miles and miles, even if you don’t think you can continue much longer.


Toned Legs


Weight loss is an obvious result of any workout that you maintain for any length of time, but spin classes are designed to work your legs more than any other part of your body. The constant motion and resistance helps you build up strong muscles, even while you maintain a healthy heart rate. Taking just three classes a week can make a significant difference in the shape of your thighs and calves.


Build Mental Strength


Not only will you be able to keep fit with a spin class, but your mind also reaps the benefits of your workout. When you engage in any kind of aerobic activities, your discipline and determination exercise your brain and willpower. Spinning helps you build up your tolerance, while training your mind to have a can-do attitude, which has the power to affect your entire workout.


Not Just for the Ladies


Spinning classes are a great way to reap multiple physical and mental health benefits. With a few classes a week, you may be able to skip leg day all together, in lieu of spinning class. While you enjoy all of the muscle-building and weight loss benefits, you may even meet someone in the class that shares your same passion for physical exercise. If you are still unsure about the perks of enrolling in a spinning class, take a trip to your local gym and ask about the programs available.


Why BBC1’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” Was So Bad

Lady Chatterley's LoverLady Chatterley’s Lover is a romantic drama, which premiered in September 2015 on BBC1. This adaption is from the book of the same name, and is just one part of a four-part series. The drama is about Lady Constance Chatterley, who had a happy marriage with her aristocrat husband until he was injured during the first World War. The romantic drama follows the deterioration of the relationship as Chatterley begins an affair with a lower-class worker. While many critics enjoyed the story, viewers had several complaints about the quality.


Lack of Nudity


The biggest complaint from followers of Lady Chatterley’s Lover is the lack of nudity. The original novel was the most successful work from D. H. Lawrence, which contained a number of intense and graphic sex scenes. Based on the way the book was written, many viewers and fans of the novel assumed that the adaption would be accurate. However, BBC1 decided to censor the nudity, in spite of the nature of the book. This lack of accuracy took away from the point of the story, according to viewers.


Tamer than Previous Adaptions


Along with the lack of graphic sex scenes, viewers also complained that there was no reason to leave out so much of the filth from the books that happened to make into a televised adaption in 1993. Viewers went as far as to call the rendition “prudish,” which was not what BBC1 was trying to achieve with the adaption. This classic story is simply inappropriate for television in the way it is written, so producers made the efforts to “clean it up” for a wider range of viewers.


Poor Casting


Some audiences claimed that Holliday Grainger was poorly cast in the roll of Lady Chatterley. Chatterley is portrayed as seductive and refined, meaning that she should look like someone that men would be willing to fight over. Harshly critical viewers argued that Grainger was a generic portrayal of the adulteress, lacking the charm and beauty for the two men to want simultaneously.


The Biggest Betrayal


While the casting and lack of filth played a role in the dissatisfaction of viewers everywhere, the fact that the ending was completely changed from the book sparked the biggest outrage. While the book ends with Lady Chatterley and Sir Clifford miles apart, the televised adaption shows Clifford promising divorce. It is the inability to stick with a tried-and-true classic novel that is the greatest injustice of all.