Should Men Try Spinning Classes To Keep Fit?

spinning classesWhen men think of a spinning class, the first thing most of them will think is that the class is just for women. At any gym, you usually see every stationary bike taken by the woman, with the instructor as the only exception at times. You want to be able to build muscle by lifting weights and training on machines. However, cardio is another important part of maintaining a healthy body. Spinning classes are no longer a “women only” area, offering many benefits to both genders.


Cardiovascular Health


Keeping your heart healthy is essential to living a long life. However, maintaining a balanced diet isn’t the only way to stay healthy. A spinning class helps you engage in anaerobic exercise, working a variety of muscles as you get your heart pumping. A spin class helps with your endurance is well, building up your capacity to keep going for miles and miles, even if you don’t think you can continue much longer.


Toned Legs


Weight loss is an obvious result of any workout that you maintain for any length of time, but spin classes are designed to work your legs more than any other part of your body. The constant motion and resistance helps you build up strong muscles, even while you maintain a healthy heart rate. Taking just three classes a week can make a significant difference in the shape of your thighs and calves.


Build Mental Strength


Not only will you be able to keep fit with a spin class, but your mind also reaps the benefits of your workout. When you engage in any kind of aerobic activities, your discipline and determination exercise your brain and willpower. Spinning helps you build up your tolerance, while training your mind to have a can-do attitude, which has the power to affect your entire workout.


Not Just for the Ladies


Spinning classes are a great way to reap multiple physical and mental health benefits. With a few classes a week, you may be able to skip leg day all together, in lieu of spinning class. While you enjoy all of the muscle-building and weight loss benefits, you may even meet someone in the class that shares your same passion for physical exercise. If you are still unsure about the perks of enrolling in a spinning class, take a trip to your local gym and ask about the programs available.


Why BBC1’s “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” Was So Bad

Lady Chatterley's LoverLady Chatterley’s Lover is a romantic drama, which premiered in September 2015 on BBC1. This adaption is from the book of the same name, and is just one part of a four-part series. The drama is about Lady Constance Chatterley, who had a happy marriage with her aristocrat husband until he was injured during the first World War. The romantic drama follows the deterioration of the relationship as Chatterley begins an affair with a lower-class worker. While many critics enjoyed the story, viewers had several complaints about the quality.


Lack of Nudity


The biggest complaint from followers of Lady Chatterley’s Lover is the lack of nudity. The original novel was the most successful work from D. H. Lawrence, which contained a number of intense and graphic sex scenes. Based on the way the book was written, many viewers and fans of the novel assumed that the adaption would be accurate. However, BBC1 decided to censor the nudity, in spite of the nature of the book. This lack of accuracy took away from the point of the story, according to viewers.


Tamer than Previous Adaptions


Along with the lack of graphic sex scenes, viewers also complained that there was no reason to leave out so much of the filth from the books that happened to make into a televised adaption in 1993. Viewers went as far as to call the rendition “prudish,” which was not what BBC1 was trying to achieve with the adaption. This classic story is simply inappropriate for television in the way it is written, so producers made the efforts to “clean it up” for a wider range of viewers.


Poor Casting


Some audiences claimed that Holliday Grainger was poorly cast in the roll of Lady Chatterley. Chatterley is portrayed as seductive and refined, meaning that she should look like someone that men would be willing to fight over. Harshly critical viewers argued that Grainger was a generic portrayal of the adulteress, lacking the charm and beauty for the two men to want simultaneously.


The Biggest Betrayal


While the casting and lack of filth played a role in the dissatisfaction of viewers everywhere, the fact that the ending was completely changed from the book sparked the biggest outrage. While the book ends with Lady Chatterley and Sir Clifford miles apart, the televised adaption shows Clifford promising divorce. It is the inability to stick with a tried-and-true classic novel that is the greatest injustice of all.