December 21, 2020
Best Way To End A Relationship

The Best Way To End A Relationship

Best Way To End A Relationship

Choosing to end a relationship can be a difficult choice. You have spent time with this other person, investing in your future as a couple. Regardless of the circumstances, it is better to end your relationship, if you don’t feel that it is going anywhere, or if circumstances keep you from being together.

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Unless you two have a mutual breakup, you may have to be the one to make the choice, but there are a few ways to make the news a little easier to hear.

Have the Conversation in Private

While you may want to break up in a public place to avoid a scene, you should instead break up in a private place. This will allow your former partner to express their feelings without restriction.

By choosing a private time, you are showing the other person respect, which will maximize the possibility of having a peaceful breakup.

The other person may still be mad at you, but she will later appreciate that you chose not to embarrass her further, since it is likely she will be embarrassed already from being dumped.

Tell Your Partner the News in Person

After spending weeks, months, or years with your significant other, you owe that person the respect and decency to break up in person. When you call or phone the other person, the meaning behind your words may be lost, without the ability to see the expression in person.

You want to make sure there is no confusion when ending a relationship, so dealing with the issues in person helps you to gauge their understanding of the change that is happening.

Have a Plan

If you are breaking up with someone with whom you share children, finances, or a home, you need to spend some time devising a plan that dictates how your commitments together will be handled going forward.

Most likely, this is a discussion you should have together, but the shock of the news may make it difficult to discuss initially. Having a plan in place helps the transition to be smooth, as you figure out a long-term plan for important issues.

Be Clear

No matter what you say to your previous significant other, you need to be clear to avoid any kind of confusion. Being too nice could result in the other person not understanding that the breakup took place, whereas choosing to be mean would damage any friendship in the future.

Understand that the culmination of a relationship may be a surprise to your partner, if he or she was in denial about the issues you were facing.

Taking the right precautions to be sensitive to the other person’s emotions, giving you a greater likelihood of friendship, after the tension wears off from the breakup.

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