December 21, 2020

Write For Us

Write For Us

We are happy to welcome WordPress blog abilities to contribute their post articles on our site of Adelaide Food And Wine Festival. With our incredible position site, we would convey your visitor post as you can likewise get the advantage of backlinks and traffic to your site.

To introduce your extraordinary article, you should affirm that the post is one of a kind with no earlier appropriation on different locales. The introduced post must not be even remembered for your site.

It is of most extreme significance to adhere to our standards and rules as we make an inside and out examination of your post article before getting it distributed on our site. Posts other than WordPress or blogging are not thought of, so be explicit while composing your article.

Here are the rules that you have to follow while presenting your article:

Writing an article about WordPress

  • Your article must have clear tips, recommendations, and exhort with realities about WordPress or related subjects.
  • Your WordPress blog length should be around 1000 words and the media records
  • We don’t acknowledge any partner association from your side
  • No deceiving techniques like turning the article
  • Require 2 to 3 sentences of creator Bio, email and Twitter profile

Review and Moderation

  • We reserve the option to endorse or decrease your submitted article.
  • Articles are introduced in the wake of adhering to the directions and rules

Stride ahead to make your quality as a creator!

Simply leave us your requests on our Email address at: [email protected]